Welding – Metal work

All welded products are made according to customers’ wishes as a typical custom production.

We weld using methods MAG/MIG, TIG/WIG and spot welding by welding. For welding we use modern welding units Fronius brand. Part of our machine park is the Westax welding machine, which is capable of automatic welding of longitudinal and circumferential welds.

The basic metal work operations such as deburring, grinding, drilling, countersinking, threading, riveting, turning, milling, etc., we have a broad base of manufacturing machinery

Technological equipment

NC welding machine Westax

MIG/MAG TransPulsSynergic Fronius 3200 welding machine

MIG/MAG TransPulsSynergic Fronius 2700 welding machine

TIG Fronius Transtig 1700 welding machine

TIG Fronius Transtig 1500 welding machine

MIG/MAG Fronius Variostar 2500 welders

MIG/MAG Fronius Variostar 247 welders

welding machine MAG O2 – acetylene

spot welder Danubius – Elektrik BN 20.23

lathe TOS SV 18

universal milling machine TOS FU 2A

radial drill M-MOOS VR-50

radial drill Csepel lRF 22/A 45

column drill NK 203

column drill BH – 32

column drill E 1720 F

column drill V 20 A

grinder Montas HU 3K634

grinder BL 3D

grinder H – DO 150 PE

brush sander machines

deburring machines OHE 90