Tube end forming

We are technologically equipped to tube end forming on various devices to achieve the desired shape. We carry out shaping of ends of steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminium pipes and profiles.

We provide pre-assembly of hydraulic nuts on the end of the pipe.

Technological Equipment

CNC Tube End Forming Machine MilleMiglia DIE 150/2 ROT

  • machine with hydraulic functioning is capable of precision sizing of tubes by simultaneous expanding and reducing.
  • the machines is equipped with segmented I/O tooling consisting of expanding fingers and reducing jaws.
  • two-head tube ands sizing machine
  • segment tools
  • forming up to max. diameter ∅150 x 2 mm (stainless steel)
  • forming from diameter (stainless steel) ∅20 mm
  • forming force of 165 tons
  • calibration length 10 ÷ 120 mm
  • machine is suitable to be included even in complex working cells, for small, medium and big production batches

NC Tube End Forming Machine AMOB MB 60/3

  • fully hydraulic machine enable consistency, reliability and fast production cycle times
  • three station tube end formers
  • forming up to max. diameter ∅60 x 4 mm (black steel) and ∅60 x 2,5 mm (stainless steel)
  • size of square profile 60 x 60 x 2,5 mm (black steel)
  • forming force of 12 tons
  • with the ability to integrate additional punching station to ø12 mm

Tube End Forming Machine RU- ZK

  • fully hydraulic machine, one station tube end former with serial repeatability
  • forming up to max. diameter ∅120 x 2 mm (black steel)

Pressing pipe ends

  • pressing the pipe ends, enlargement, narrowing, reducing etc.

Motor flanging machine SEMET XBC 100/400

  • machine is supposed to flange, to level circuit metal sheets, bottoms of vessels etc.
  • thickness of processed material 800 MPa up to 2 mm or 400 MPa up to 3 mm
  • working depth max. 400 mm, axial distance of shafts 95 mm

Belt grinder GRIT GI 150 2H

  • high-performance belt grinder, modular expandable, for industrial and series applications
  • for industrial machining of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, whether flat or square material
  • radius of grinding up to 90 mm
  • grinding width up to 150 mm