Surface treatment

For the surface treatment of the products, we are equipped with washing desks, blast cabin and orbital grinders for final surface treatment.

Sandblasting of surfaces in the blast cabin is done as part of the preparation for painting or separately. We also offer degreasing of the products on the washing table with a flow brush.

Powder coating, galvanizing and other coatings we are able to provide by subcontracting from cooperating companies that have undergone our long-term selection and which are guaranteed very high quality.

We offer machine grinding of pipes on orbital belt grinders. Machines allow to grind and polish straight and curved tubes of various cross-sections of stainless steel, iron, aluminium, copper and other metals.

Technological equipment

Blasting box VIKOMT 1515 F-A

  • light blasting abrasives (e.g. corundum, glass beads, ceramic and plastic abrasives)
  • workspace dimensions (w × d × h) – 1450 × 1450 × 800 mm
  • the size of the door – 1250 × 800 mm
  • grate load capacity – 100 kg


Round tube finishing machine NS – Máquinas ML 50

  • working capacity – ø 5 – 51 mm


Round tube finishing machine GARBOLI LPC 135

  • working capacity – ø 10 – 35 mm


Flexible shaft grinder SUHNER ROTOFERA


Washing table Stabil

  • workspace dimensions – 2000 x 1000 mm


Washing table Stabil SLK

  • workspace dimensions – 1155 x 695 mm

Pipe cleaning equipment

  • working capacity – ø 2 – 60 mm